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Oaklands Hack: tackling pollution through innovation


It was great to welcome a new guest Dragon, Tes Macpherson from PTAsocial, a communications platform for school parent volunteers, to our first digital innovation day of the year at Oaklands College. Looking forward to working with Tes on other events. If anyone else would like to be a dragon do get in touch.

Teams were set the challenge of developing and pitching innovative ideas for tackling air pollution in our cities. They responded with interesting ideas including retro-fitting vehicles with pollution-reducing technology and recycling increased revenues from congestion charges to support new environmental initiatives; as a way of sweetening the pill and investing in greener, less polluted cities.

The Dragons particularly liked when teams kicked off with data describing the problem. They also purred (assuming dragon’s purr…) when teams described how they would validate their idea and use those insights to improve their initial MVP. Some really dynamic presentations too, which always goes down well!

Great that Forensics students joined us for the first time. Their scientific insights definitely brought something new to the day. Next month’s event will have Beauty Studies students as well; looking forward to seeing that synergy in action!

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