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Silicon Abbey is a group of senior executives in media, tech and finance, entrepreneurs and others who are simply interested in building a digital future for St Albans.
We strongly believe that St Albans is more than just a pretty commuter town. It already has a thriving professional service industry, is at the heart of the Green Triangle and has considerably strengthened its retail and visitor offer over the last three years.

St Albans residents are already amongst the most digitally savvy in the country. In the next five years the city has an unrivalled opportunity as the London tech industry gravitates northwards with Google, Twitter and Facebook about to open large offices in the so-called ‘Kings Cross tech-cluster’, alongside the British Library, Guardian and the Crick Institute; all just a 20 minutes train journey from St Albans.

We believe that St Albans has the perfect mix of high quality of life outside the city and proximity to it. The emerging Kings Cross tech cluster is a unique opportunity for St Albans to use its expertise in finance, green technologies, education and the creative industries to support a hub for a new generation of tech start-ups – the ones that can offer better living conditions to their employees and still profit from a thriving community that fuels growth and investment. Working with other local partners, Silicon Abbey can be at the heart of this.

We are putting education at the heart of our project. To ensure our region can profit from a digital economy we need to foster local talent. This is why we teamed up with the Department for Communities and Local Government, the City Council and the University of Hertfordshire. Together we want to launch a programme that encourages and mentors young people who whant to get involved in technology.

Our first project is the Silicon Abbey Festival on the 27/28 March 2015. This event will bring together citizens, schools and further education, local businesses, innovators, entrepreneurs as well as established local companies. During the Festival we will run Hackathons, hear more about how local communities can improve lives with technology and most importantly connect the dots, so we can lay the foundation for a digital future for St Albans and its region.

Torsten de Riese (Founder) torsten@siliconabbey.com



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